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First Image of a Black Hole with NumPy

McKinney Tech Group, LLC



Custom software development for data science and data analysis with Python involves creating tailored solutions to extract, process, and analyze data. This can include designing algorithms and statistical models, implementing machine learning techniques, and building intuitive user interfaces.


Through Python's extensive libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and scikit-learn, developers leverage its rich ecosystem to handle large datasets, perform data manipulation, conduct exploratory data analysis, and visualize results. Custom software ensures flexibility, scalability, and integration with other tools, empowering businesses to gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions effectively.


Your Consultant

Trenton McKinney

Trenton McKinney

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Technical Proficiencies

  • Python 3.6+

  • Anaconda Distribution

  • Jupyter Lab

  • PyCharm

  • Pandas

  • NumPy

  • Scikit-Learn

  • SQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • SQLAlchemy

  • Matplotlib

  • Bokeh

  • Seaborn

  • Plotly



McKinney Tech Group, LLC

Tel 971-317-8586


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